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NexxtGen Football Wholeheartedly Supports the FA's Silent Support Weekend: Giving Voice to Young Players


Dedicated to the holistic development of young players, NexxtGen Football stands firmly behind the Football Association's Silent Support Weekend scheduled for the 2nd and 3rd of March 2024.

As we delve into the intricacies of this transformative initiative, the resounding feedback from the youth community reinforces the profound impact of silent sidelines on the footballing experience.

The essence of the Silent Support Weekend lies in its simplicity – encouraging parents, coaches, and spectators to maintain a hushed presence on the sidelines during youth football matches.

The goal is clear: shift the focus from external noise to the players themselves, empowering them to communicate, make decisions, and navigate the game with autonomy.

A Shift to Player-Centric Footballing Experience:

The Silent Support Weekend introduces a paradigm shift in the traditional footballing dynamic. By fostering an environment of quiet encouragement, it allows players to emerge from the shadows of external influences and take centre stage. The youth community, with its insightful feedback, paints a vivid picture of the benefits reaped from this novel approach.

Freedom from Distractions: "I love playing during the Silent Support Weekend. It's like everything around me fades away, and I can concentrate on the game. No distractions, just me and the ball."

Empowered Decision-Making: "Sometimes it gets confusing when the coach is shouting one thing, and my dad is yelling something else. During Silent Support, I feel more in control. I can make my own decisions without feeling pulled in different directions."

Playing with Freedom: "It's different when the sidelines are quiet. I feel more freedom to try things on the field without worrying about what people are saying. It's like the game is mine to enjoy."

Why Silent Support Aligns with NexxtGen's Philosophy:

At NexxtGen Football, we believe in fostering an environment that transcends traditional coaching norms. The Silent Support Weekend perfectly aligns with our commitment to developing not just technically proficient players but also resilient decision-makers and effective communicators.

Steve's view.

"I strongly believe that the Silent Support Weekend is a catalyst for positive change in youth football. The feedback from our young players underscores the profound impact of a quieter sideline. It's about empowering them to make decisions, play with freedom, and enjoy the game on their terms."

"In a sport where mental acuity is as crucial as physical prowess, the Silent Support Weekend provides a unique opportunity for players to hone both aspects. It's not just about what happens on the pitch; it's about nurturing essential life skills that extend beyond the game itself."

As we immerse ourselves in the upcoming Silent Support Weekend, the words of our young players echo loudly – a testament to the power of quiet encouragement. By amplifying their voices and embracing the spirit of Silent Support, we contribute to a footballing environment where their development takes precedence, fostering a generation of confident, skilled, and empowered players.

Best wishes,


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