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Train like a Pro with the PSG Academy and NexxtGen Football

In the heart of Evian, France, ensconced within 15 acres of picturesque greenery, the PSG Academy beckons aspiring football talents. Accessible to the Haute-Savoie department, Geneva, and Vaud, this premier facility stands as a beacon for young athletes seeking to unlock their potential. In collaboration with NexxtGen Football, the PSG Academy offers an unparalleled training experience, blending expertise and state-of-the-art facilities to shape the football stars of tomorrow.

Commentary from Steve Halls, Founder of NexxtGen Football: "Teaming up with the PSG Academy is a testament to our commitment at NexxtGen Football to provide young talents with world-class training experiences. This partnership amplifies our mission to nurture well-rounded players equipped not only with football prowess but also life skills."

Excellence of Paris Saint-Germain

Style of Play: Enveloped in the excellence of the Paris Saint-Germain methodology, participants embark on intensive programs designed to elevate their physical, tactical, and technical skills. The academy's commitment extends to fostering a deep understanding and vision of the game, enhancing performance across various match scenarios.

Six Fundamentals of Professional Football: The PSG Academy's Pro Technical Program

integrates the six pillars crucial for professional football:

  1. Mastery of technical skills

  2. Pursuit of top performance

  3. Commitment to physical preparation

  4. Mental conditioning and leadership

  5. Understanding and vision of the game

  6. Smart and responsible injury prevention

Steve Halls' Commentary: "Aligning with PSG's methodology ensures our players not only develop their footballing prowess but also grasp the mental and physical aspects crucial for success on and off the pitch."

Highly Experienced and Professional Staff

Led by certified Paris Saint-Germain Academy coaches with UEFA/FFF licenses, the program provides holistic preparation covering technical, tactical, physical, and mental facets. Participants engage with a spectrum of sports professionals, including technical directors, strength coaches, mental experts, and even professional players and coaches.

Steve Halls' Commentary: "Working with a staff of this caliber allows our players to immerse themselves in an environment mirroring professional football, offering insights and expertise that are invaluable for their growth."

Complete Training Programs

Tailored to individual positions and skill levels, the Pro High-Performance Clinics delve into key themes such as football IQ, tactical setup, and position-specific training. The program incorporates video analysis, custom competitions, and technical exercises, ensuring a comprehensive and personalized developmental experience.

Steve Halls' Commentary: "The individual focus and tailored training programs ensure that our players receive personalized attention, honing their skills in alignment with their unique strengths and weaknesses."

Exclusive Pro Conferences

Participants benefit from pro conferences covering mental conditioning, insights into football careers, and essential aspects like nutrition, hydration, injury prevention, and recovery. These conferences provide a holistic approach to player development beyond the confines of the football pitch.

Steve Halls' Commentary: "Empowering our players with knowledge beyond the game is a priority. These exclusive conferences are invaluable in shaping not just great footballers but well-rounded individuals."

Leisure and Excursions

Beyond the training ground, the PSG Academy Pro incorporates leisure and excursions, fostering team building and individual growth. Activities range from water sports and PlayStation FIFA contests to sightseeing and hiking in the breathtaking Alps.

Steve Halls' Commentary: "Balancing intense training with leisure and excursions ensures our players develop not just as athletes but also as individuals, creating a well-rounded sporting experience."

State-of-the-Art Sports Facilities

Boasting multiple fields, top-of-the-line equipment, and professional locker rooms, the PSG Academy provides an optimal environment for player development. Full gym facilities, hydrotherapy, and video analysis rooms further elevate the training experience.

Steve Halls' Commentary: "State-of-the-art facilities are crucial in creating an environment that mirrors professional football. Our players deserve nothing but the best, and the PSG Academy delivers on that front."

Performance and Housing

The PSG Academy Pro prioritizes performance with a full gym, sauna, hydrotherapy, and individual and team statistics in real time. The housing, equipped with modern amenities, ensures a conducive and secure environment for players from around the world.

Steve Halls' Commentary: "Performance is not just about what happens on the pitch; it's about holistic well-being. The PSG Academy's commitment to top-notch facilities and housing aligns perfectly with our vision at NexxtGen Football."

In partnership with the PSG Academy, NexxtGen Football opens doors for aspiring football talents to train like professionals, setting the stage for a journey of growth, excellence, and success.

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