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steve halls

NexxtGen Football


+44 (0) 7827 859 212



NexxtGen Football

c/o Steve Halls

Level 1

80 Fenchurch Street

London  EC3N 2ER

A Bit About Me

I am truly passionate about coaching at the grassroots level and witnessing the growth of these young talents. NexxtGen Football is more than just a training ground; it's a place where we foster a love for the game and instill skills that extend far beyond the football pitch.

Coaching at this level allows me to contribute to the holistic development of these budding players. It's immensely rewarding to see them not only improve their football skills but also gain essential life skills. Whether it's teamwork, discipline, or resilience, we aim to nurture well-rounded individuals who can navigate challenges both on and off the field.

The joy of watching a shy beginner transform into a confident player is unparalleled. It's about creating an environment where they feel encouraged to explore their potential, take risks, and develop a deep understanding of the game. Every session is an opportunity to inspire a love for football and provide valuable lessons that will stay with them throughout their lives.

What sets grassroots coaching apart is the genuine connection we build with the players. It's not just about drills and tactics; it's about understanding each child's unique journey and tailoring our approach to maximise their potential. NexxtGen Football is a place where passion meets purpose, and I am honored to be a part of these young players' formative years, helping them build a strong foundation for a future filled with success and character.



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