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Maximise Your Full Potential.

FA qualified Football Coaching, consultancy, mentoring and player representation.

ABOUT nexxtgen

At NexxtGen Football, we stand at the intersection of inspiration and transformation, where the beautiful game becomes a conduit for growth and success. As purveyors of football excellence, we bring together a dynamic spectrum of services, seamlessly intertwining FA Qualified Coaching, insightful Consultancy, dedicated Mentorship, and astute Player Representation.

Our ethos goes beyond the mere pursuit of victories on the pitch; it's about fostering a holistic development journey. In our realm, football is not just a sport; it's a classroom where essential life skills are imparted, friendships flourish, and character is honed both on and off the field.


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What Sets Us Apart:

FA Qualified Coaching: Our coaching team comprises passionate individuals armed with the latest methodologies and insights. Whether it's refining technical prowess, building strategic acumen, or nurturing a love for the game, our coaching transcends traditional boundaries.

Consultancy Expertise: NexxtGen Football offers a unique perspective through consultancy services, bringing a wealth of footballing knowledge to clubs, organisations, and aspiring players. Our consultancy isn't just about strategies; it's about crafting pathways for success.

Mentorship with a Purpose: In the labyrinth of football development, mentorship becomes a guiding light. Our mentors provide personalised guidance, drawing from their extensive experience to nurture both aspiring players and coaches.


Player Representation: Empowering players to navigate the intricacies of the footballing world, our player representation service is founded on integrity and a commitment to securing the best opportunities for those we represent.

Our Environment:

Step into NexxtGen Football, and you step into a world where every training session is infused with fun and camaraderie. We believe in creating an environment where players not only develop their skills but also forge enduring friendships. The laughter on the pitch echoes the joy of learning and growing together.

Our Commitment:

Beyond the goals and victories, our commitment is to instill values that extend far beyond the touchline. Integrity, resilience, teamwork, and a passion for continuous improvement are the cornerstones of our philosophy.

At NexxtGen Football, the journey is as important as the destination. Join us in shaping the future of football—where passion meets progress, and every player is poised for their nexxt chapter of success.

Best wishes,

Steve Halls


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our clients

Just a few of the clients we are proud to have worked with.


"NexxtGen provides such a wonderful environment for kids. My children always come home buzzing with excitement and joy after each session. It's not just about football; it's about fostering a love for the game and creating lifelong memories."


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